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From electrification to eCommerce, the Automotive Industry is seeing massive change, and it’s driving increased demand for talented individuals across the sector. So, if you’re looking to make your next career move, you’re firmly in the driving seat.

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About Linkedin Carousel Ads

LinkedIn carousel ads are a type of ad format offered by LinkedIn. It allows you to tell an engaging story to inspire your target audience to take action. This ad format is great for showcasing story lines. Carousel ads create brand awareness, website visits and lead generation.. The best way of measuring this type of ads is by keeping track of the following KPI’s.

  • Brand awareness and consideration: impressions, clicks, engagement rates
  • Website visits: click-through rates
  • Demand generation: conversion rates, leads, and cost per conversion

Ideal LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs:

  • The ideal size of the visuals is 1080 x 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio. 
  • The largest file size is 10 MB
  • The ideal length of the introductory text is 155 characters.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads Best Practices / Tips

To make the most out of the campaign you will have to follow some best practices as described below.

Set goals for your LinkedIn Carousel Ads

The best start to any campaign is to identify the goals. Do you want to generate awareness, clicks or leads? Quantify your goals as much as possible. 

Create appealing and matching content

Create interesting content while keeping the company’s brand and goals in mind. Make sure each slide of the carousel is compatible with the others. Tip: use elements in your visual that would give the impression of a cut out panorama picture. This makes people click to the next carousel slide.

Use the right size for your LinkedIn Carousel content

Keep in mind your audience and make sure you use the right size format for the visuals. Most of the LinkedIn users are consuming content on their phones. Tip: Create visuals that are taller rather than wider.

Find the sweet spot of carousel slides

Using the right amount of carousel slides is also an important topic. So, what is the sweet spot for driving strong engagement? The answer is 3-5 carousel slides. If you would like to share more content and details, longer carousel ads (5+slides) are an option. Tip: try testing the order of the carousel slides for best results.

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