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About Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads offer the best B2B targeting of all ad platforms. To make a LinkedIn Ads campaign successful, goals must be set. There are several formats of LinkedIn Ads and can be chosen in relation to the goal of the campaign. Use LinkedIn ads to generate leads, boost website traffic, and raise brand awareness.

Steps to run the best LinkedIn Ads

Before you start, create your Campaign Manager account. Campaign Manager allows you to create a budget, choose targets (clicks vs. impressions). You also have total control over the timing of your campaign. The platform contains many tools that assist you in meeting your advertising objectives.

  • Choose your goal. Each campaign starts by determining the most important targets. Three main targets are awareness, consideration, or conversions.
  • Choose your targeted criteria. Regardless of the ad type you choose, selecting your audience works the same way.
  • Select a LinkedIn ad format. When  creating and managing ad campaigns, the most important step is choosing an ad format. You can choose between the following: Sponsored Content, Message, Dynamic or Text Ads. A combination of the four are all options is also possible.
  • Determine your budget and plan. When the target demographics are decided, plan your campaign’s budget and timeline.
  • Check and optimise your campaign. Keep an eye on how your campaign performs and adjust it, if necessary. You can view your metrics by going to Campaign Manager. There is an option to choose the campaigns you wish to analyse.

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