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LinkedIn Sponsored Content Examples

Find an extensive collection of LinkedIn sponsored content examples to inspire your next ad campaign. Model what works. Skip weeks of expensive testing and get more clicks and conversions.

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About LinkedIn Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Content ad types show ads to users in your target audience’s LinkedIn feed. They are viewable by LinkedIn members on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Each format has specific creative requirements.

The following ad types are available for Sponsored Content:

  • Single image ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Single job ads
  • Event ads

Linkedin Sponsored Content Best Practices / Tips

Create ad headlines that are no more than 150 characters long. Short headlines increase engagement.

Instead of typical thumbnails, use bigger photos. The suggestion is a resolution of 1200 x 627 pixels. Content with greater images has a 38 percent better CTR (click-through rates).

Include a clear CTA (call to action) so your audience understands what to do if they are interested.
Testing is one of the most important phases of the LinkedIn Sponsored content creation process. Depending on the ad format, there are multiple parts that need to be tested. Usually, the visuals and description are the most tested aspects.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content  Examples Library

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