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LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad Examples Library

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads are one of the most used advertising formats on LinkedIn! Inspire yourself by viewing over 230.952 + LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad examples on our LinkedIn Ads Library.

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About Linkedin Lead Gen Ads

Introduced in 2017, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad format has become a game-changer. It provides a fast and seamless way for audiences to submit their contact details, simplifying the process of downloading content or registering for an event. These ads feature a call-to-action button which, when clicked, opens a form for audience members to fill in their details.

For achieving your LinkedIn Lead Gen goals, several ad formats are compatible:

  • Single image ads
  • Carousel image ads
  • Video ads
  • Message ads
  • Conversation ads

The form can contain several fields depending on the goal of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad. The Lead Generator Form can contain Contact fields (name, personal details) and Company and work fields(job title, company name), Demographic fields (gender), and Education fields (degree, university) are also included.

Linkedin Lead Gen Ads Examples / Tips

When crafting LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, ensure your content aligns with your target persona’s interests, pain points, and daily challenges. This is vital whether your goal is to generate new leads, increase revenue, or retain existing customers.

Clarity and catchiness are key in your ad copy. High-quality headlines and text can significantly boost your click-through rates and conversions.

Leverage the power of hashtags and emojis to make your LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad stand out in the feed. These elements act as ‘thumb-stoppers’, capturing your audience’s attention. However, maintain a minimalist approach, using no more than two hashtags.

Eye-catching visuals can be the defining factor in the success of your LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads campaign. Vibrant imagery can draw in your audience, increasing their likelihood to engage.

Linkedin Lead Gen Ad Examples Library

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