LinkedIn Campaign Examples

LinkedIn Ad campaigns are versatile tools, perfect for everything from job recruitment ads to product and service sales. And to unlock their true potential, study our LinkedIn campaign examples.

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Read what 351 senior technology executives across 14 sectors who lead organizations earning 1 billion or more have to say about their responsibility for their organizations’ data management, analytics and related infrastructure.

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How can organizations increase efficiency whilst maintaining high standards of quality and safety? Our new maturity model sets out five practical steps that businesses can take. Read the whitepaper and find out more:

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HubSpot’s CRM platform is built for scaling companies.

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Start using 50 proven tactics for email marketing in this moment.

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We analyzed 304,174 sales emails to learn exactly which follow-up prospecting emails help book meetings.You’ll learn the (surprising) ideal length for follow-up emails.PLUS 5 phrases that help/hurt your email game.See the data – it’s all here.?

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When customer service cat-astrophe strikes, ? see why Drizly and Zendesk are the #ChampionsOf patience and pinot. ?

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From electrification to eCommerce, the Automotive Industry is seeing massive change, and it’s driving increased demand for talented individuals across the sector. So, if you’re looking to make your next career move, you’re firmly in the driving seat.

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Upskill your team with courses on the most in-demand technology topics, taught by the experts who know them best.

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The question is — what happened to the remaining 84%? What makes #HR projects fail? ?From scattered information to misleading data. HR teams need to change how employees use software, in order to “transform and grow.”#UNLEASH ? Learn the common challenges that affect HR projects ➡️

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Reps only have 14 days to engage a buyer before conversion is so low it’s not worth reaching out. Want to know how to make sure your outreach is effective?

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The only business intelligence platform that turns your data into insights that drive action.

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Full-text search of your Cloud Firestore data in minutes, with the Firebase Algolia extension.

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DigitalOcean’s fast, reliable infrastructure meets MongoDB’s data management flexibility. Learn more about our managed database partnership.

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Don’t let email problems get in the way of scaling your business.Mailgun helps brands like Lyft, Dell, and Cinemark send email at scale.Our email performance is backed by powerful SLAs that guarantee speed when you need it most.Curious? Click to learn more.

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PeopleFluent Talent Mobility brings an organization’s talent data together to provide unique views and insights to support better-informed, data-driven decisions.

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Accelerate your Net Zero transformation from commitment to sustainable achievements with Capgemini. Discover how some of the leading minds in business are taking action.

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At Strayer, get the credit you deserve by transferring up to 28 completed bachelor’s classes toward your degree.

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80% of organisations have transitioned to virtual interviews for the majority of their hiring needs.

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It only takes one experience to make or break your relationship with customers. A unified approach to omni-channel marketing is a must-have.

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Tune into the latest episode of AIG’s Global Trade Series to hear about the pivotal role Latin America could play across the global trading system as the region embarks on reform. #AIGGTS2021

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It’s easy to extend an elevator or escalator’s lifespan through modernization! Not only does it prolong the longevity of our mobility solutions, but it can also enhance safety, reduce the environmental footprint, and provide greater energy efficiency. Learn how we’re updating our mobility solutions while keeping the unique original features: #TKEmodernization

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No matter our background, profession, or point of view, we all have more to learn. Turn insatiable curiosity into world-changing capabilities with edX.

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Apply now: #ComcastRISE is awarding 10,000 grants to small businesses owned by people of color in Houston. Find out more today.

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A methodical supplier audit will help you to identify your brand’s best #suppliers. Our latest white paper shows you how it’s done.#supplychainmanagement #supplychain #suppliermanagement #sourcing #procurement #qualitycontrol #qualityassurance

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Best Practices of LinkedIn Campaigns

While ad format-specific best practices exist, there are fundamental guidelines that are universally effective:

  1. Craft Engaging Content: The success of your LinkedIn campaign hinges on the use of clear, captivating language that resonates with your target audience. This can make the difference between an overlooked ad and one that generates results.
  2. Optimize Keywords: By incorporating relevant keywords, you enhance your campaign’s reach to your target audience. With most LinkedIn users seeking unique career or expertise-related insights, it’s crucial to bear their interests in mind when constructing your campaigns.
  3. Use Powerful Calls-to-Action: Including strong call-to-action phrases such as ‘Try’, ‘Download’, ‘Sign up’, or ‘Request a Quote’ effectively guides your audience towards the next steps, further optimizing the performance of your campaign.
  4. Utilize Vibrant Visuals: An image is worth a thousand words, especially on LinkedIn’s neutral backdrop. Ads featuring vibrant, relevant visuals capture your audience’s attention more effectively, thus optimizing the overall campaign performance.

LinkedIn Campaign Examples Library

The LinkedIn Ads Library from is not just a resource but a treasure trove of efficient and effective ad campaign planning. Our innovative tool doesn’t just provide examples but offers predictive insights into which LinkedIn ads are most likely to appeal to any given target audience.

We’re proud to have established the world’s first LinkedIn Ads Library, boasting over a million LinkedIn campaign examples from over 60,000 advertisers across 150 countries.

If you want to stop wasting time and ad budget, give a try and unlock the power of proven LinkedIn campaign examples today! You will not be disappointed!