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About LinkedIn promotion

Promoting your business on Linkedin is a great way to reach your ideal target audience. LinkedIn offers many ad formats to support your campaign goals. Advertising on LinkedIn will show your ads on your target audience’s newsfeed. Each ad format has specific creative requirements and can be viewable by all devices.

Best practices of LinkedIn

Follow the best practices for creating ads and advertising on Linkedin. This is crucial for the success of your campaigns. Generally, there are a few tips that help overall with creating highly engaging ads. Here are some tips:  

LinkedIn Ads perform better if they have visuals (single image and video ad or carousel ad). Visuals containing vibrant colours that stand out make the ad more interesting. The audience is more likely to stop and engage with the ad.

Create compelling content – Keep the copy of the ad quite short. Choose words that capture the attention of your desired target audience. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes while creating the ads. This will have a big impact on the engagement rate.

Include a strong Call to action based on the campaign goal you are aiming to achieve. Use strong phrases like: Try, Download, Sign Up and Request a quote. This acts as a leading way for your audience to take the next steps.

Find the best Linkedin Ads to model in our library

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