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“If you’ve ever wanted a place to look at the highest performing ads on the linkedin ads platform, maybe for inspiration for new ad copy or to compare competitors ads side-by-side, this is for you. I am a user of your product and I would encourage anyone to join!”
AJ Wilcox
Host Linkedin Ads Podcast
& B2Linked Founder (Linkedin Ads Agency)

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Be honest. How much Linkedin ad budget are
you wasting on expensive clicks and ads that fail?

#1 Linkedin CPC’s are crazy high

PPC costs are skyrocketing. And Linkedin Ads were already very expensive compared to other ad platforms:

#2 Testing the wrong ads is expensive

How much adbudget are you wasting, trying to figure out which ads work best?

#3 ‘Boring ads’ costs even móre per click

Linkedin hates boring ads. If your ads don’t get enough likes, comments & shares, you are overpaying for clicks:

Stop wasting your ad budget & time
on the wrong ad creatives

Ad creative mistakes are one of the core reasons B2B advertising fails:

"Creative has become the most obvious miss to me, and I think the least obvious others. There is a lack of awareness to how important the CREATIVE & COPY are in the success of advertising. Advertisers are not creating enough variations of messaging & campaigns to support the media budget. They are scaling the media budget by $100k/month and adding $0 additional investment in creative. When you are scaling paid social, you MUST scale the media budget & the creative linearly to avoid major diminishing returns & audience fatigue."
Chris Walker
CEO & Founder Refine Labs (Demand Generation Agency), Podcast Host at "Marketing Movement" and "State of Demand Gen"

3 reasons smart advertisers
invest in great ad creatives first

#1 Great ad creative drives sales

Linkedin knows ad creative is the biggest contributor to sales in any ad campaign:

#2 Great ad creative lowers costs

Linkedin loves great ads. That’s why the Linkedin ads algorithm rewards ads with a lot of likes, shares and

#3 Great ad creative scales faster

To scale your ad campaigns faster you need fresh ad creatives. Your audience hates seeing the same ad

Nice.. but how do you come up with great ads all the time?


Stop guessing if your ads will work.
Model Proven Ads in our Linkedin Ads Library.

You can now reverse-engineer the best Linkedin Ad Campaigns in any
industry inside our Linkedin Ads Library. Easily launch your own top performing
Linkedin Ads with lower CPC’s and better CTR’s.

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How AdSearch helps you win at Linkedin Ads

Spy on the best ads in any industry

Identify top performing Linkedin ad campaigns in any market. View current & past ad campaigns:

Hack everything from ads to landingpage

View every important part of the linkedin ad campaigns:

Launch high performing ads all the time

Generate unlimited ad campaign ideas that work:

Lower your CPC and increase R.O.I.

Never again overpay for clicks on Linkedin:

Finish your creative process 10x faster

Forget about endless strategic & creative meetings

Scale your ad campaigns profitably

You need enough ad creatives to support increasing ad budgets:

Attract & retain more ad clients

Impress your Linkedin Ad prospects & clients with great results:

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B2B marketing teams

When your buried in client work, you don’t have time to waste on endless strategic & creative
meetings. Adsearch is your shortcut to winning ad campaigns with double CTR’s and lower CPC’s.

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Use Adsearch to get better results for your Linkedin Ads clients.

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Use Adsearch to improve your ad campaigns and impress your team.

Ad Creative / Design teams

Get unlimited ad inspiration. Speed up the creative process and design with confidence.

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AJ Wilcox is the #1 authority on Linkedin Advertising worldwide.

On his Linkedin Ads Show podcast he also says that any research you can do before you launch your ad campaign, will lower your risk and costs!

"When your spending money on Linkedin Ads it’s inherently high risk because the costs are higher than other ad channels. So any research you can do ahead of time to find out what’s going the be good, accepted by this audience, that’s going to excite them. It’s all going to be very useful"
AJ Wilcox
Host Linkedin Ads Podcast
& B2Linked Founder (Linkedin Ads Agency)

We've been featured on AJ's podcast
"The Linkedin Ads Show"

In this podcast we go more in-depth on how to use our Linkedin Ads Library and why AJ loves it…

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